About Us

Aventum is the coming together of a group of serious, niche insurance businesses under one brand, where success is the only option. We are infectiously entrepreneurial. We strive for greatness we’ve got serious scale, expertise and the infrastructure to set us up for the next stage in our journey.

Our story

Our back story is a living example of our authenticity. There’s no fluff, it’s not a fairy tale and we’re anything but liberal with the truth. It’s honest, bold and deliberately open. It’s us, being us. We’re proud to show the world who we are and what makes us Aventum. And we can’t wait to create the next chapter.

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Our businesses

We are a global (re)insurance group that operates across both the underwriting and broking sectors. Our success has been born from always looking to make insurance better. We make, nurture and grow relationships. We design, develop and launch unparalleled specialist schemes and facilities. And we never accept the standard ways of doing things if we think we can make them better.

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Strategic priorities

At Aventum, we’re not afraid to dream big.  We’re boldly focussed on becoming a global (re)insurance business that delivers superior underwriting results for our partners, unrivalled service for our clients, and unlimited potential for our people.

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Our strength in numbers continues to impress. We are committed to retention, tenacious in our pursuit of new business and driven by a dedication to long term partnerships with capacity partners.

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