Strategic priorities

At Aventum, we’re not afraid to dream big.  We’re boldly focused on becoming a global (re)insurance business that delivers superior underwriting results for our partners, unrivalled service for our clients, and unlimited potential for our people.

Scale talent and remain agile

In everything we do, we are always focused on moving quickly. Our culture is deliberately entrepreneurial, and it will always be. Whether that’s in how we add people, teams, and capacity partners, or provide direct access to key people in our organisation; we act swiftly and decisively. And whilst we are always diligent, we never get caught up in bureaucracy.

Our people are what makes Aventum. We only ever recruit the very best talent our industry has to offer, so our clients and capacity providers can be sure they are dealing with people that understand what they need and who will provide unparalleled service. We always ensure our people have local knowledge of the markets they operate in and allow them the autonomy to make their own decisions. To guarantee we attract the right talent, we offer a truly market-leading benefits programme.

Harness the power of technology

At Aventum we embrace the opportunities that the digital world brings, because we know that it will help fuel and sustain our ambitious growth trajectory over the coming years. Digital brings many opportunities and huge upside for those that are agile enough to realise the benefits. From using simple applications to reduce manual tasks and their associated costs, to increasing the reach of our specialist products and pricing our risks more accurately than our peers, we know how to harness and use digital.

Protect our partners’ capital

Adding tangible value to our clients and partners defines how we operate. So, we only ever focus on truly specialist lines of business because that’s where we can make a difference. We never enter crowded markets, but that doesn’t mean we stand still. Across the globe, our people are innovators and are always looking for ways to bring new solutions to ever-emerging problems. Exploration is in our DNA and we always look for ways to make (re)insurance better.

We consider being entrusted with capital to be a real privilege, so we very much treat that capital as if it were our own. Our actuarial led approach, data-driven underwriting and our deeply knowledgeable front line underwriters help to maintain our commitment to driving sustained positive returns for our insurer and capital partners.