Our businesses

We are a global (re)insurance group that operates across both the underwriting and broking sectors. Our success has been born from always looking to make insurance better. We make, nurture and grow relationships. We design, develop and launch unparalleled specialist schemes and facilities. And we never accept the standard ways of doing things if we think we can make them better.

One of the fastest growing, global (re)insurance MGAs

Whether it’s for our capacity providers, who want to know that their money is protected, or for our brokers, who want to know that they can easily place their risks, we understand the importance of always performing.

It’s why we deploy capacity quickly and efficiently across uncorrelated markets. It’s why we provide rapid access to developed portfolios in niche markets. It’s why we are highly diversified by both product line and distribution source. And it’s why all our portfolios are actuarially managed, with the embedded culture of an insurer and the agility of an MGA.

Employees - 60+ broking

Our underwriting and support teams have a wealth of experience, delivering first class underwriting from worldwide offices and across multiple niche portfolios.

Territories - 100+

Rokstone writes business globally, working with over 300 brokers and backed by more than 30 capacity providers.

$850m GWP

Achieved in just five years of trading, Rokstone is an MGA committed to continued growth, long-term partnerships and recruitment of the best underwriting talent that the market has to offer.

Global broking specialists

At Consilium, we understand that our future is driven by our brokers winning. That’s why we do everything we can to help them be the best they can be. We work tirelessly to create the right solutions, for them and their clients.

We never over promise, because we understand the importance of their trust. We only hire the best people our industry has to offer, because the best people drive the best outcomes. And we forever challenge the status quo, because we know that there are always ways to do things better. Because together, we’re limitless.

A-rated markets

Our London Market broking businesses contain expertise across insurance and reinsurance in a range of classes.

1000+ Brokers

Our broking businesses operate from London-based offices and receive enquiries from all over the world.

$500m+ GWP

With 25% growth year on year for the last five years, we now place over $500m+ of premium into Lloyd’s and the London Market.