Core teams

We understand that organisations cannot simply rely on a few key individuals, it’s why we’re not afraid to invest in the quality of all our people. Our core teams are the backbone of Aventum. Each specialist core team works in unity to provide the platform for the continued growth of our broking and underwriting businesses.


Making an impact

Attracting audiences to engage with our broking and underwriting businesses through high-quality messaging

Group wide benefits

  • Enhanced Distribution
  • Brand Awareness
  • Internal Communication

Innovation and a bold approach are at the heart of our marketing team, creating lasting impressions with our customers and delivering tangible results for our wider business. Our team has a clear track record in developing and launching new brands and products and they’re forever focused on continually enhancing our distribution. And, like everyone at Aventum, they’re never afraid to challenge the status quo.

The Leadership Team

  • Matt Field

    Chief Marketing Officer

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  • April Faint

    Brand & Marketing Director

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  • Andrew Bajcar

    Senior Digital Designer

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Risk Management

Managing risk exposures

Identification and implementation of risk management strategies to assist brokers and their clients, whilst contributing to positive returns for capacity partners

Group wide benefits

  • Risk identification
  • Loss prevention strategies
  • Profitable underwriting

In today’s ever complex world, comprehensive and knowledgeable risk management is a critical part of the insurance process. Our deeply experienced risk management team combines the best of both worlds. A personal, hands-on approach sits alongside the latest digital technology. All with the sole aim of helping our brokers mitigate risks in their clients’ businesses.

The Leadership Team

  • Lee Dumford

    Managing Director, Securus Risk Advisors

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Operations & IT

Maximising operational performance

Harnessing the latest in data and technology to make continual improvements to the Aventum operating platform.

Group wide benefits

  • Global Cloud Infrastructure Platform
  • Insurtech Deployment
  • Continual Process Improvement

Digital transformation is a critical part of our ongoing story at Aventum. We use digital to increase the reach of our specialist products; to price our risks more accurately than our competitors; and to truly understand current and future trends. We know that people and digital work hand-in-hand to deliver the best possible results for our customers and capacity providers.

The Leadership Team

  • Oral Fuat

    Group IT Manager

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  • Sam Hayman

    IT Services Executive

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Forecasting for the future

Delivering strong financial modelling to allow the group to plan for continued success and profitable growth

Group wide benefits

  • Financial Forecasting
  • Budget Control
  • Payments & Invoicing

At the very foundations of Aventum, sits our finance team. From future financial modelling, to the everyday but crucially important tasks like paying our people and partners, they know their numbers inside out. And, thankfully, back to front.

The Leadership Team

  • Charlette Newland

    Deputy Head of IBA

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  • Alex Curme

    Chief Financial Officer

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  • Paul Lever

    Head of Commercial Finance & FP&A

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  • Canan Oral

    Head of Treasury

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  • Rowena Jordan

    Credit Controller

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Maintaining control

Providing a solid group wide compliance structure with 'treating customers fairly' principles at the heart of everything we do

Group wide benefits

  • Regulation Management
  • CPD Monitoring
  • Due Diligence

Whilst we are an organisation that revels in giving our people freedom to create the future, we take our regulatory responsibilities incredibly seriously. Our compliance team are commercially astute people who ensure that we always maintain the highest possible standards in everything we do across the Group.

The Leadership Team

  • Robert Moorehead-Lane

    Chief Risk Officer

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  • Grant Peters

    Head of Compliance

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Putting people first

Making Aventum the home of choice for people and teams via a market leading employee benefits and remuneration program

Group wide benefits

  • Talent Recruitment
  • Employee Benefits
  • Training & Development

When we began life, we did so with two key principles. To always make insurance better and to always employ the best people our industry has to offer. Our HR team make sure that we remain true to those, as well as embedding our group culture of never standing still, always challenging complacency and forever believing anything is possible.

The Leadership Team

  • Neil Milner

    Chief People Officer

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  • Jonathan Sparham

    Group Head of HR Functions

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  • Demi Starck

    Group Head of HR Operations & Payroll

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  • Kerry Hurst

    Group HR Operations Manager

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  • Ali Foroshani

    Head of Talent

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  • Karen Cant

    Group Head of People Partners

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Technology & Innovation


Turbo charging Aventum and its brands’ ability to grow through the development of new capabilities and data-driven decisions to tackle the challenges of today’s changing insurance landscape and deliver a vision of what is possible in the future

Group wide benefits

  • Investment in R&D
  • Leveraging Technology
  • Improved Client Service

Our significant investment into technology and innovation allows us to build a sophisticated technology ecosystem, enabling Aventum to be recognised not only for insurance excellence, but for a technology-first approach that differentiates the broker, underwriter, and client experience.

The Leadership Team

  • Hasani Jess

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • James Fairgrieve

    Head of Innovation

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The human touch

The first line of defence against the unexpected - problem solvers, advocates and allies to our policyholders, dedicated to providing exceptional support

Group Wide Benefits

  • Proactive Approach
  • Experienced Team
  • Exceptional Service

Renowned for exceptional customer service with a proactive approach to reducing the lifecycle of claims, our experienced team provides clients with the best advice and support throughout their claim journey.

The Leadership Team

  • Simon Harrison

    Group Head of Claims

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  • Nicola Chapman

    Senior Partner & Chief Claims Officer

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