Aventum’s Leading Ladies at the Women in Insurance Awards

We are absolutely thrilled that two incredible members of our Aventum family are shortlisted as finalists at the prestigious Women in Insurance Awards 2023.

The nominations reflect their extraordinary achievements while showcasing Aventum as a fantastic place for women to thrive in their careers. We could not be prouder!

Meet Nicola: Claims Connoisseur at Consilium

Nicola Chapman, a Senior Partner and Chief Claims Officer within Consilium, is nominated for Claims Professional of the Year. Her dedication, expertise and unwavering commitment to her role have propelled her to this remarkable recognition. Nicola’s leadership in claims management is exemplary and her nomination is a testament to her outstanding contributions.

Meet April: Our Marketing Marvel

April Faint, our brilliant Brand and Marketing Director, is nominated for Marketer of the Year. Her innovative marketing strategies and compelling creative brilliance have set her apart in the industry throughout her career. April’s ability to craft captivating narratives and elevate the Aventum brand highlights the importance of marketing in the insurance sector.

Women in Insurance Awards

The Women in Insurance Awards are the pinnacle of recognition in the general insurance market. Now in their fifth year, these awards honour the incredible achievements of women across all sectors and levels of the insurance industry. It’s a stage where trailblazers like April and Nicola shine bright, inspiring others to follow in their footsteps.

Where Success Meets Fun

Aventum proudly stands as a beacon of equality and inclusion. We firmly believe that diversity in the workplace leads to innovation and success. April and Nicola’s achievements are a testament to Aventum’s commitment to providing equal opportunities for all. We are not just a company; we are a family that supports, empowers and encourages each other to reach new heights.

As we celebrate this landmark accomplishment, we extend an invitation to those seeking a workplace where their talents will be nurtured and celebrated. At Aventum, we believe in making work fun while fostering a culture of inclusivity and diversity. If you are looking for a place where your career can flourish and your potential unleashed, Aventum is the place to be.

Dancing to the Beat of Diversity

The insurance industry has come a long way in its quest for inclusivity but there is still work to do. April and Nicola, along with all the other exceptional women nominated, are blazing a trail as outstanding role models and the Women in Insurance Awards elevate this to new heights.

So, here’s to April and Nicola - and also to Aventum, where work is fun, excellence celebrated and diversity embraced. Cheers to a brighter, more inclusive future in the insurance world!