Sun, Sand and Innovation - Our Highlights from Elevate 2024

Hosted by Adrosonic, against the vibrant background of Goa’s sun soaked beaches, Elevate 2024 was more than just another conference. It was a celebration of milestones and a journey into the future.

Aventum Group’s very own innovation maestros, Hasani Jess and James Fairgreave were eager to see what the weekend had in store. The two day event, which unfolded on 10-11 February, featured dynamic sessions, engaging activities and an innovation fair that highlighting Aventum’s commitment to research and development.

The Power of Technology, Culture and Innovation

Hasani Jess, Aventum’s Chief Technology Officer, delivered a compelling keynote on harnessing the power of technology, culture and innovation for growth.

Learning and Development in the Workplace

Adding the personal touch of his own experiences, Hasani highlighted the seismic shift towards openness and collaboration in the modern workplace. He delved into the importance of sharing knowledge, highlighting the mutual benefits for both the giver and recipient. He said,

“There’s been a definite shift in holding onto information yourself, but the more you share, not only do others benefit but you do too.”

Valuable Career Advice

Addressing the audience, Hasani shared three pieces of advice he wished he had received earlier in his career.

Firstly, he highlighted the importance of formal qualifications, acknowledging the value they bring to professional growth. He said,

“After ten years of learning on the job, I finally went on a course and regretted that I hadn’t taken more opportunities to train before that point.”

Secondly, he stressed the transformative role of mentoring and how it can positively impact your career trajectory. While he had his first mentor late in his career, Hasani still credits them with changing his life.

Hasani then emphasised the need for proactive questioning, encouraging individuals to seek guidance from leaders rather than relying on guesswork.

Learning From Failure

In a candid moment, Hasani admitted his struggle with giving feedback due to his inclination to make people happy. He said,

“In hindsight, withholding constructive feedback, fearing it may offend, was a missed opportunity. Embracing the power of constructive feedback is not just beneficial but liberating for both personal and professional growth.”

Elevating Innovation - From Idea to Impact

As Head of Innovation at Aventum, James Fairgreave participated in a roundtable panel discussion on how to take ideas from concepts and implement them into a business for maximum results.

Cultivating a Culture of Innovation

James shared practical insights on building a culture of innovation within a business. He emphasised the importance of identifying pain points in existing technology and outlined the key role experimentation plays in the innovation process. He said,

“The whole point of experimentation is learning and curiosity.”

Rather than relying on proof of concepts, James advocated for proving the viability of ideas quickly and gathering feedback from users.

Navigating the Innovation Lifecycle

Discussing the practicalities of incorporating innovation into businesses, James emphasised the need for a dedicated Innovation Team. He said,

“Everyone has an opinion on how best to transition experiments into production and it can stifle progress to the next steps of learning and experimentation.”

James underscored the significance of creating dedicated spaces and time for innovation, acknowledging the support of Aventum’s executive team in allowing this deliberate focus. He said,

“Businesses are always changing so you are never going to get enough time to do the rainy-day things. You have to be very deliberate about it.”

AI and Innovation

In response to a question on the future of innovation, James believes that AI will play a significant part in the coming years. He highlighted the increasing reliance on technologies like ChatGPT and anticipated AI’s continuous improvement and widespread integration in daily life.

As the celebration of Adrosonic’s decade of achievements drew to a close, the event provided a platform for Aventum to showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.

With a shared passion for progress, Elevate 2024 was not simply about celebrating the past but setting our sights on building a more innovative tomorrow.