Aventum Welcomes New Visionaries

At Aventum, we are proud to announce two significant additions to our leadership team, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable growth and effective risk management.

These two appointments not only mark a pivotal moment within our company but also signify our dedication to investing in top-tier talent. Let’s meet the newest members of the team who are poised to make a substantial impact on Aventum’s future.

Hasani Jess: Leading the Way

Joining the Group as our first ever Chief Technology Officer, Hasani brings a wealth of knowledge and 25 years of experience and expertise to Aventum, making him the ideal choice to lead the charge in building a sophisticated technology ecosystem that will drive our sustainable growth.

His vision is for Aventum to be recognised not only for insurance excellence but also for a technology first approach that differentiates the broker, underwriter and client experience. Within 12-24 months, Hasani aims to build a 70 strong team and deliver a flagship insurance platform, turbocharging Aventum’s ability to grow.

Hasani is not just a tech visionary; he is someone who believes in our values and culture. He said, “I was attracted to Aventum because of its people, its winning culture and its belief that anything is possible.” His passion for innovation and his dedication to harnessing technology for positive change perfectly aligns with Aventum’s mission.

David Bearman, CEO of Aventum, said, “Hasani is a visionary and an inspiring technologist. His appointment marks a coup for our group as we embark on the next stage of our evolution. He will effect change and do it quickly.”

Robert Moorehead-Lane: Safeguarding Our Future

Risk management is a critical aspect to success in business and Aventum has taken a proactive step by appointing Robert Moorehead-Lane as Chief Risk Officer. This newly created position underscores our commitment to managing risk effectively and ensuring that we deliver value at every turn.

Robert brings with him not only 25 years of experience but with it a profound understanding of risk and an impressive track record of strategic risk management.

His appointment highlights Aventum’s proactive approach to addressing challenges and seizing opportunities in an ever evolving business landscape. Robert said, “Aventum is a great organisation, with a unique culture, clear ambition for growth and a desire to jump on every opportunity to do things better.”

His sentiment resonates with David too, who said; “Robert’s expertise will make a vital contribution to Aventum as we continue our ambitious growth journey. The role is designed to deliver value through safe and compliant operations and his leadership ability and experience will be invaluable.”

Our Commitment to the Future

These appointments are more than simply personnel changes; they represent Aventum’s unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation and responsible growth. Both Hasani and Robert bring their skills, experience and alignment with our values, making them integral parts of our journey moving forward.

We are eager to see the positive impact they will have on the Group, our clients and our industry as a whole as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Stay tuned to see which opportunities lie in our future and the path on which we are about to embark.