Dare to Remember - A Town Hall Like No Other

At Aventum, we are always determined to create events unlike any other. It’s safe to say Dare to Discover 2023 was exactly that.

Typical corporate Town Hall events are often a yawn-inducing part of company culture. You know the ones - where you have to sit on the same hard plastic chair for so many hours that you lose the blood supply in your feet. No, thank you.

We wanted to create an experience unique to Aventum and truly inspiring. With that in mind, the event got underway at the Barbican Centre in London, one of the largest performing arts centres in Europe. The cinema-style venue gave eccentric vibes from the start.

The theme of the event centred around the idea of discovering more about ourselves, each other and the opportunities that lie ahead. Attendees were encouraged to reflect on their own personal and professional growth and development throughout the afternoon.

International teams from around the world joined us on our Friday afternoon exploration. The event brought together teams from near and far, providing a platform for people to connect and network with colleagues they may have never met before.

With elements of the A-Team and Top Gun setting an energetic and motivational tone for the day, you just never knew when or who would be getting everyone out of their seats and ‘running’ towards their goals. One of the highlights of the day was Jamie ‘Adventureman’ McDonald, who took to the stage to share his personal journey, demonstrating the importance of perseverance in times of struggle, seizing opportunities and believing in yourself.

After the event, we had the chance to network in the conservatory, providing an excellent opportunity for our people to connect with colleagues they may not ordinarily encounter day-to-day. It was truly inspiring to see so many people coming together to share their experiences and unite on our journey of discovery.

Overall, Dare to Discover 2023 was a huge success. Serving as proof that not all Town Hall days are created equal, it was a chance to break away from the monotony of traditional corporate events. Bringing a new level of inspiration to colleagues across the business, we hope the lessons learned from the day will stay with them all and inspire them to seek out new opportunities for growth both personally and professionally.