Innovating the Future of Insurance with Technology

Collectively referred to as Insurance Technology or, more commonly, Insurtech, companies in the insurance space are looking for new ways to improve customer experience and optimise processes. Key themes include digitisation, data analytics, automation and customer-centricity.

In the spirit of technological advancements in an industry notorious for slow, time-consuming processes, James Fairgrieve attended the InsTech All Sorts open mic evening on 21st February.

Split into three parts, the evening included a look ahead to 2023, introducing the community to new faces and providing the opportunity for the community to promote any new initiatives.

Committed to supporting Insurtech and driving the insurance industry forward, our bold, entrepreneurial style was quickly at home on the night. James’ overview introduced Rokstone, leveraging relationships with capacity providers to drive growth in the UK, Bahrain and the UK. As an early adopter of Low-Code digital distribution, James highlighted that, in 2022, Rokstone was named MGA of the Year twice.

For any startups looking for help with capacity and advice, James then touched on Consilium, with special mention for Roshan and Exponential. James advised members of the audience that the award-winning marketing team at Aventum is just one of the resources available to startups to get off the ground.

Attention was then brought to Mulberry, offering services such as data analytics to assist clients with risk management.

Overall, Aventum’s innovative and customer-centric approach to the insurance industry positions the business well to drive the industry forward. By embracing technology and collaborating with Insurtech startups, Aventum is at the forefront of the industry’s digital transformation.