Ollie Bearman: the fastest member of the Aventum family

The sight of a racing car emblazoned with the Aventum name and branding outside our London head office was one of the most eye-catching parts of the official Aventum launch day on 4th May.

For those unable to be in London that day, they may instead recognise the car from against the cinematic backdrop of our fantastic launch video. In that video you would have also seen a certain youthful driver boldly striding forward, with the Aventum brand adorned on his race suit.

That driver is Ollie Bearman, one of the most exciting young British racing drivers around, and for his second season in the Italian Formula 4 Championship, Aventum is his title sponsor.

“It was a bit embarrassing, but I think I pulled it off,” Ollie says of his cameo role in the video. “But that sponsorship is the reason I’m able to do what I’m doing, and I’m really grateful for it.”

As the name suggests, there is a pre-existing link to Aventum. Ollie is the son of group founder and CEO David Bearman, but don’t for one moment think this sponsorship is purely down to family ties.

Ollie has earned his sponsorship after a successful first season in single-seater racing, which saw him claim two wins despite having the shortest preparation time of all the drivers – only turning 15 in time to participate due to a pandemic-enforced delay to the season.

A host of impressive displays saw him picked up by a more competitive team in F4, Van Amersfoort Racing (VAR), and with them Chelmsford-based Ollie is determined to add more wins to his record.

“This is the make or break year to be honest, and the goal is to win the championship overall,” he says. “It’s quite a long-term goal, and everything has to fall into place, but I just want to be able to look back on it all, be happy in my performances, and mark my place as a good driver.”

He only turned 16 in May, but this is one teenager that already knows exactly what he wants.

A high achiever at school on course for top grades in his GCSEs this summer, Ollie has taken the decision not to stay on for his A-Levels, so he can devote all his time to competing in an F4 season that takes in seven race weekends across Europe.

When asked about interests outside of motorsport it’s a real struggle. He finds television boring, and when he’s not working on fitness with his personal trainer, most of the free time he gets at home is spent practicing on a racing simulator. More than just a passion, motorsport is Ollie’s life.

“I just really enjoy the adrenaline rush that you get from racing, and the satisfaction of doing a good job,”

Ollie explains. “That would be the reason I really love it. But also I just have so much interest in it. It consumes my life, so I’m always thinking about it, and once it gets to that level, it’s just pretty much nailed into you.”

Ollie began in karting at the age of eight, but has always been around motorsport paddocks thanks to his family. His father, uncle, and grandfather have all competed in motorsport to varying levels, and Ollie says family support has been invaluable to his own progression.

“Especially at the lower levels, my dad was super useful,” he adds. “He took me on track walks at karting level when I was about eight or 10, and obviously he was a lot more knowledgeable than me.