Amplify: A Night to Remember

Picture this: Aventum-branded buses parading through the bustling streets of east London, the promise of an unforgettable night hanging in the early evening air of a late summer night.

Our incredible Aventum family all dressed up in vibrant festival attire - our Amplify extravaganza was nothing short of a sensation.

Experience the best bits of the night for yourself in our highlights video.

A Festival Frenzy

Our journey from the office was to Hackney, where the Night Tales bar had undergone a hypnotic transformation into a festival-themed beach club. The trendy, usually industrial-style hangout, had been completely Aventumised. The colours, the vibes, the energy - it was extraordinary.

Championing a Cause

David’s speech kicked off the night with a bang, celebrating not just the growth of our company but also a warm welcome to new additions to our ever-expanding family. It was a true testament to how far we have come and the exciting future that lies ahead.

Speaking of exciting futures, we were treated to a highlights video of Aventum sponsored Ollie Bearman’s 2023 Formula 2 season so far, including an appearance by the man himself later in the evening. Such a talent and surely destined for Formula 1?

Then followed the moment that tugged at our heartstrings and filled us with pride - the Cancer Research UK video, introduced by none other than Jamie ‘Adventureman’ McDonald. While the exact nature of our pending World Record attempt remained a tantalising mystery, the cause we are championing became crystal clear - a cause so close to each of our hearts.

Getting the Party Started

Duke took to the stage and stole the show, captivating the crowd with a performance that left everyone wanting more. DJ Tony, backed by a brilliant vocalist, saxophonist and percussionist kept the party alive and the dance floor filled.

The night was a feast for the senses and that included our taste buds too. Outside, we indulged in delicious treats from food trucks that added another layer of fun and flavour to the evening.

Karaoke booth antics, UV tattoo artistry and racing car simulator games had us entertained throughout the night - you know how competitive we are! Laughter echoed through the venue as team members belted out their favourite tunes - though, hidden talents? We are not convinced!

Of course, no event is complete without capturing the moment. The photo booth served as a perfect backdrop for snaps of joy and memory-making. Who could resist the allure of the props? Flashing glasses anyone?

Work Hard, Play Harder

As the night went on, the venue itself seemed to absorb the essence of Aventum, our energy oozing from every corner. The atmosphere was electric and our UK based team embodied the spirit of our vibrant and diverse company culture.

Amplify was, without a doubt, a brilliant night that will be high on the list of ‘Work Events’ for years to come. It wasn’t a work party as usual; it was a true celebration of our achievements, our unity and our commitment to making a positive impact.

Here at Aventum, we know how to work hard and play hard, and Amplify was the perfect embodiment of that ethos. It was not about excess but about experiencing the extraordinary together.