Cultivating Team Spirit - Aventum Group at Spitalfields City Farm

At Aventum Group, it is no secret that we believe in the power of giving back. Following Volunteers’ Week earlier this month, 25 of our dedicated employees, including top executives, took a short trip from the bustling City office to the tranquil Spitalfields City Farm.

The wonderful initiative was spearheaded by our very own Chief Investment Officer, John Bearman, and meticulously planned by Abigail Elsey.

Volunteering is more than an act of service. It is a chance to embrace team spirit, step away from the usual work environment and make a tangible difference within our local community. Our day at the farm was the perfect embodiment of these values.

What We Got Up To

Our enthusiastic team rolled up their sleeves and jumped into a variety of different tasks, including:

  • Mucking out stables and paddocks, ensuring the animals had clean and comfortable living spaces.

  • Cleaning out the farm pond.

  • Pruning and weeding in the onsite woodland, helping to maintain the health of the farm’s wooded areas.

  • Gardening, watering and planting, adding a fresh splash of greenery to the space.

  • Painting fences.

  • Heavy lifting and construction, assisting with essential maintenance.

The Experience

City Farm was immensely grateful for our collective efforts and the feeling was mutual. It was a day filled with laughter, teamwork and a true sense of accomplishment.

It was a fantastic experience and gave our colleagues, who might not typically work together, a chance to bond and get to know each other outside of the office.

The Bigger Picture

At Aventum Group, we proudly offer every employee two paid days of leave each year to volunteer for a worthy cause important to them.

Our partnership with onHand anchors our commitment to social responsibility. This initiative not only supports our local communities but enriches our employees’ lives, offering them new perspectives and a break from their daily routines.

Join the Movement

We encourage everyone to find ways to give back, whether through volunteering, supporting local initiatives or simply being more involved in your local community. The benefits are far felt - from personal growth to strengthening team bonds and, most importantly, making a positive difference.