Ollie Bearman Signs With Formula 1 Team for 2025

This is not a drill. In a thrilling announcement that has had the Formula 1 community buzzing with speculation for months, Aventum Group sponsored Ollie Bearman is set to drive for the MoneyGram Haas Formula 1 Team in the upcoming 2025 Formula 1 season.

This move marks a significant milestone for both driver and team, promising a dynamic and competitive partnership next year.

 It Haas to be Ollie

Ollie has been a formidable force in the world of motorsport, with a career that boasts numerous victories, podium finishes, an F1 debut at Scuderia Ferrari and all-around impressive performances - all before turning 19. His transition to the North Carolina based team in a multi-year contract is expected to bring a fresh wave of energy to the team.

Ollie’s performance in Saudi Arabia, where he scored points on his Formula 1 debut driving the Ferrari of a sidelined Carlos Sainz, did not go unnoticed. The world of F1 was soon abuzz with whispers of which team would snap him up. MoneyGram Haas was keen to sign the Ferrari Academy driver - who had also previously completed FP1 sessions for the team in the 2023 F1 season.

Team Principal of MoneyGram Haas F1, Ayao Komatsu is excited that the team was able to offer Ollie his first full-time seat in the pinnacle of motorsport. He said,

“Ollie has developed into an incredibly mature driver under the guidance of the Ferrari Driver Academy, and the world saw that for themselves when he was called in at the last minute to compete at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.”

Komatsu continued, “Oliver proved he was more than ready for the task, and we look forward to further developing him as a driver.”

A New Chapter

MoneyGram Haas has been working tirelessly to improve their car performance. With a potentially entirely new lineup of drivers for next year, they are ready to make progress in the 2025 season.

Gene Haas, Team Owner, commented, “I am personally excited to see how Ollie grows as a driver, and we look forward to seeing him deliver for MoneyGram Haas F1 Team next season and beyond.”

At an exciting time for the American team, Haas continued, “Oliver’s signing shows we continue to invest in talent - both on and off track - as we continue to compete at the highest level.”

The Road Ahead

With the 2025 season still eight months away, anticipation is building among fans and analysts alike to see how Ollie adjusts to the new car and racing environment.

Ahead of the move, Ollie said, “To say out loud that I will be a Formula 1 driver for MoneyGram Haas F1 Team makes me so immensely proud. To be one of the very few people who get to do the thing they dreamed of as a child is truly incredible.”

Ollie concluded, “Thank you to Gene, Ayao and everyone at Haas - thank you for believing in me and for trusting me to represent your team.”

Stay tuned as we follow Ollie’s journey into Formula 1 and watch as the remaining Formula 2 season plays out.