Here at Aventum, we are celebrating, and not only because summer is finally on the way! We are absolutely thrilled to have appeared on not one, not two but THREE prestigious lists* that recognise our commitment to employee satisfaction, growth and wellbeing. Let’s take a closer look at what this all means.

*Before we get overly emotional and played off the stage, Oscars style - awards like the Sunday Times and Great Place to Work certification mean a lot to us because it is our employees who get to vote.

Financial Times 1000: Driving Growth

Fueling London’s success for a seventh consecutive year, Aventum Group proudly secured its position as the 354th fastest-growing company on the esteemed FT1000 list. This recognition not only underscores our dedication to success but also contributes to London maintaining its status as the city with the largest number of fast-growing companies. It’s exactly where we want to be!

The FT1000 list identifies Europe’s fastest-growing companies based on revenue growth between 2018 and 2021, emphasising the significance of organic growth - ahem, no acquisitions 👀. Aventum’s independent status and exceptional organic growth make this a truly remarkable achievement, especially given that the period for consideration just happens to also include a huge chunk of time spent in global lockdowns.

Great Places to Work: Where Work and Wellbeing Flourish

Nominated and officially recognised as a ‘Best Workplace’ by the renowned authority on workplace culture, Great Place to Work, Aventum is ranked 49th on the list of the UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing. But of course, it doesn’t end there. Aventum also features 94th on the UK Best Workplaces in 2023 list.

This certification reflects our commitment to fostering an environment where employees thrive and feel valued. Notably, our employees overwhelmingly appreciate the positive work atmosphere we have cultivated, with 90% of survey participants declaring Aventum a fun place to work. 93% of people reported that they were able to be themselves, while 86% of employees felt like part of a family.

Sunday Times: Exemplifying Excellence in Employee Engagement

Recognised as one of the Sunday Times’ ‘Best Places to Work’, the list assessed employee engagement and well-being using a comprehensive survey, in partnership with WorkL. The survey covered key drivers of engagement including;

  • Reward recognition

  • Information sharing

  • Empowerment

  • Job satisfaction

  • Wellbeing

  • Pride

Aventum’s inclusion on this prestigious list highlights our dedication to creating a workplace that nurtures our employees’ happiness and personal growth.

A Future Full of Possibilities

These achievements affirm Aventum Group’s commitment to our employees’ satisfaction, wellness and professional development. We take pride in providing an environment where everyone’s contributions matter, fostering innovation and resource accessibility.

Our Best Workplace certifications not only attract exceptional talent but also serve as a testament to the positive experiences our employees enjoy. We are excited to continue seeking feedback and implementing new initiatives in the future, ensuring we remain a shining example of excellence, in the world of insurance and beyond.

With Aventum Group, you don’t just join a company but a family, that celebrates success, supports personal wellbeing and cultivates a vibrant work culture. Keep an eye out for more updates - you never know which list of greatness we will appear on next!